BlancOne® CLICK is the whitening treatment that brightens your teeth immediately after the oral hygiene session!

Whitening treatment DELICATE AND EFFECTIVE

BlancOne® TOUCH makes your smile whiter and brighter with a delicate and affordable treatment.

Whitening treatment directly AT YOUR HOME

BlancOne® HOME is the complete system for home teeth whitening, fast and gentle for an always bright smile.

Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile

BlancOne® CLICK is the whitening treatment that brightens your teeth immediately after the oral hygiene session!

BlancOne® CLICK R800

The fast and effective post-hygiene whitening treatment (Consult and Cleaning approx. R1 500) BlancOne® CLICK is a fast whitening treatment designed for those who are looking for a practical and fast way to obtain a whiter smile after a dental hygiene session.

You need just 10 minutes and a budget of only R800 to obtain surprising results and give your teeth a brighter appearance!

BlancOne® CLICK is also ideal to become more familiar with teeth whitening, even for those who are afraid of excessive sensitivity caused by these whitening treatments. Even if we can state that all BlancOne treatments have practically eliminated the sensitivity problem, BlancOne® CLICK is certainly the most delicate treatment of the entire line because:

  • it uses a low concentration of carbamide peroxide (16%)
  • it requires no gingival protection
  • it takes only 10 minutes
  • After having tried BlancOne® CLICK you can decide to obtain even deeper and longer lasting results merely through a simple upgrade of a complete BlancOne® TOUCH or ULTRA treatment.

BlancOne® TOUCH R2 500

The delicate whitening treatment for everyone Designed to offer delicate and effective teeth whitening, BlancOne®TOUCH is the first in-office treatment that uses a low percentage of peroxide, just like in home whitening systems. Instead of waiting 10-15 days, with BlancOne® TOUCH you can immediately have a whiter and brighter smile with lots of advantages:

  • total safety
  • no gum protection
  • a single, 30-minute session
  • no use of trays
  • BlancOne® TOUCH is perfect for all those want the best smile, all the time. Thanks to the low concentration of peroxide, under the control of the dental professional, BlancOne® TOUCH is risk free and can be repeated more frequently. That means your teeth will always be white and bright.

    (Consult and Cleaning approx. R1 500)

    BlancOne® ULTRA R4 500

    The biophotonic whitening treatment that makes your teeth shine!

    BlancOne® ULTRA, a new-generation professional whitening treatment based on the expertise of dental researchers, offers incredible advantages for your teeth because it:

  • eliminates discomfort during application
  • respects the health of your teeth
  • guarantees treatment results that are effective and natural
  • Backed by 5 years of experience and more than 80,000 treatments carried out in Italy alone, BlancOne® ULTRA is the top of the line of all the BlancOne® treatments.

    Designed to handle the most difficult situations, such as teeth with tetracycline stains or teeth undergoing endodontic therapy, BlancOne®ULTRA produces excellent results in a single session, even starting from very dark shades.