Dental Implants

Dental implants from Houghton’s leading implantology experts

Dental implants offer a modern solution for replacing missing teeth. The tooth implant provides an artificial root that can be used to anchor replacement teeth like crowns, bridges and removable dentures. If your replacement teeth ever fail, they can be replaced quickly and painlessly – but the dental implant that holds them in place should last for life.

Having dental implants may seem like a big procedure, but it is completely safe, has a very high success rate, and most patients experience no or little discomfort. Permanent and effective, dental implants enable you to eat, drink, speak and smile with real confidence.

Attention to detail

Dr. Aadil Jeena pays attention to detail in every aspect of dental implant treatment. This, together with his clinical expertise and artistry consistently achieve beautiful results for our patients


Single Tooth FAQ

What is the treatment?

A single tooth implant is a straightforward procedure. Taking less time than a crown or root treatment, most patients find the procedure is pain-free, with no or minimal discomfort afterwards. When your treatment is complete, you will have a replacement tooth that looks, feels and works just like one of your own – you even clean it in just the same way.

What are the alternative treatments?

The alternative treatments to a single tooth implant come with a number of disadvantages. A conventional dental bridge is attached to the teeth either side of the gap, which take on extra strain as they bear its weight – causing potential damage and reducing the lifespan of the bridge. Dentures are uncomfortable and inconvenient, become loose over time, and can damage adjacent teeth and gums.

Is it necessary to replace a missing tooth?

Replacing a missing tooth isn’t just about looks – it’s very important for your oral health. With fewer teeth to chew your food with, the stress on your remaining teeth increases, which can reduce their lifespan. The teeth either side of the gap can lean into it, changing your bite and putting you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease if food becomes packed in.

Multiple Adjoining Teeth Implants 

What is the treatment?

If you have several adjoining teeth missing or failing, it is possible to replace each missing tooth with an individual implant, each with a separate replacement tooth. However, if we join two or more replacement teeth together to form a bridge, you will need fewer dental implants. This is a more effective, more affordable solution.

What are the alternative treatments?

Dental implants are a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment for replacing several adjoining teeth. Other treatments rely on support from adjacent teeth, which can then become damaged. A bridge is a permanent solution, but the supporting teeth must be cut to hold it in place and will bear an increased load. A partial denture must be removed every night, and will need to be replaced every few years as it becomes loose and uncomfortable.

Is it necessary to replace a missing adjoining teeth?

When several adjacent teeth are missing or failing, they are normally molars. Molars are large, multi-rooted teeth at the back of your jaw designed to chew food. If you lose them, the single-rooted teeth at the front of your mouth have to pick up the workload, and the extra stresses will damage them. Replacing molars might not be important cosmetically, but it is important for your oral health.

Full Arch Implants

What is the treatment?

One of the most advanced dental procedures available, this treatment can give you a complete set of replacement teeth, in either jaw or the full mouth. Our team are among the few specialists in the region who can carry out this cutting-edge treatment, using just four dental implants in each jaw to give you a permanent set of natural-looking teeth. It’s truly life-transforming, restoring your teeth’s full function and enabling you to eat, drink, speak and smile with real confidence.

What are the alternative treatments?

With a high success rate and minimal discomfort, a full arch of dental implants will last most patients for life. However, there are alternatives. A conventional removable denture is inconvenient to use and will become loose and uncomfortable over time – but we offer implant-retained dentures, a simple treatment that takes away many of these problems.

Is it necessary to replace a full set of missing teeth?

Multiple tooth loss has serious consequences for your oral health and appearance. When you lose teeth, the bone that supported them deteriorates. When many teeth are missing, the jawbone itself weakens, meaning your jaws over-close, causing functional problems with eating and speaking. As your cheeks and lips are no longer supported by teeth, they become wrinkled and appear hollow. For many people experiencing these problems, it’s a heavy blow to their confidence.

Implant-Retained Dentures

What is the treatment?

Using dental implants to anchor removable dentures is a much more effective way of keeping your dentures in place than adhesives, pastes and powders. With just two implants or four mini implants in each jaw, your dentures simply clip on and are held securely in place, but are easy to remove for cleaning and sleeping. The implants also have a number of aesthetic benefits, helping to preserve bone in your jaw and maintain your facial structure, and restoring lost lip support to minimise wrinkles around your mouth. The procedure takes just 90 minutes – and only about 15 minutes of that is actual surgery. It’s a fast and cost-effective alternative to a full arch of dental implants.

What are the alternative treatments?

Implant-retained dentures are a vast improvement on traditional removable dentures, which are inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable to use, and limit which food you can eat. An even better alternative to removable dentures is full arch of dental implants – a procedure so advanced that we are one of the only practices in East Anglia with the experience to perform it. It’s a life-changing, lifelong solution.

Is it necessary to replace a full set of missing teeth?

Losing multiple teeth can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. As well as seriously impacting your ability to speak and eat, it can alter your appearance. Without teeth to support your lips and cheeks, wrinkles form faster and your cheeks become hollow. Many people with this kind of tooth loss feel that they look older than they are, and this can be devastating for their confidence.

Immediate Implants

Our dental implant treatment usually takes several months, but recent advances in dentistry mean we can now perform instant implants quickly and safely. This treatment is not possible in every case, so we will talk through your options during your implant assessment. In many instances, we can remove a tooth and immediately replace it with an implant – and we can often attach a temporary crown at the same time. We can even replace multiple teeth at once in some circumstances. This fast and simple treatment means you will have minimal surgery and will not need to wear a denture at any stage. Contact us to find out more about instant implants